Our two lead characters are Berry, an agoraphobic developer, and Lars, a reclusive online gamer.

In The Tetris Effect, they are thrown together on a journey that sees them unlock the puzzle pieces of their lives and discover that they have an immortal bond, long since forgotten.

But, The Tetris Effect universe features many more characters, and this web series will continue to explore them all.


Professor Malcolm Van Peterson, the quantum jumping man who discovered interdimensional travel into the space between life and death.

Miss Sarah Clarkson, his daughter, and executive of The Foundation of New World Technologies, Japan.

Dr Tadashi Finjoto, CEO of The Foundation of New World Technologies.

Miss Chieko Finjoto, the proud, young, keeper of the Other World.

Dr Mike Jones, aka Dr Vegas, the free-thinking, hair-growing, know-it-all of the Afterlife.

Agent Jimmy Carlton, the mysterious man from The Office.

The Beta Boys, those NST chem-puting hacker twins.

Zack & Wiki, the comic store owners / angels / **spoiler alert** lizards. Yes, they’re still spirit animals.


Tengu, the jealous half-man, half-bird, intent on causing divine mischief.

Kitsune, the seductive spirit who cannot be trusted.

The shadow animals, deadly creatures that skulk like sentinels as they guard the Other World.

The Protogenoi, the first-born Gods.

And finally, take a bow, the Ancient Immortal Guardians of The Afterlife;

Bishamon, with his mighty sword.

Fokuro, atop his tiny deer.

Jurojin, with his great iron crutch.

Benten, being neither man, nor woman, but both.

Imperial Uncle Daikoku, forever purifying the air with his Jade crystal tablet.

and, of course, our drunken wanderer, Hotei.