The ancient immortal, Hotei, sprang into a defensive Kung Fu stance.

Arms raised.

Eyebrows twitching.

Keen, bloodshot eyes.

He had just been startled by the piercing sound of a guitar chord.

White wires snaked through flowing grey hair, leading to a small device in the palm of his hand.

It was magic to him how so much energy could be summoned from the simple touch of a button. 

Looking to his immortal family for reassurance, they smiled back, bowed politely, and urged him to continue with his experiment.

Hotei listened on and began to express a variety of conflicting emotions. 

At first he seemed serious, then cheerful, and then utterly confused.

He appeared briefly elated, before being overcome by what the ancient Immortals agreed must be some kind of strange sadness.

Tears formed in the old man’s sunken eyes, as he shuddered, and experienced the frenetic energy of rock and roll music.